Need a stylist to help you with your look. 

Maybe you are unsure about what looks best for auditions or photo shoots. Misti would love to help you! 

Styling services are available along with personal shopper services based in Tempe, AZ.

It's a good idea to take photo's of what looks good on you.  The colors, types of styles, lengths and necklines.  We have a nice set up in two rooms for this along with a private restroom to change in. 

Having a good selection of outfits to pick from is key to saving you time. Getting great deals  is how I save you money. With a slight mark up for the time I took to shop you will walk away thinking WOW that was so easy! I have something for all ages, genders and sizes. These are shots with my wardrobe and props. 

Misti is looking to work with a group of stylists in Arizona.  

Contact her so you can talk about collaborating. 

Contact Misti at 480-529-9931 or email is best or text her.