This is more then just a photo shoot it is an experience! 

Misti Wagner

Misti Wagner Owner

As a photographer the goal is to make sure 

you have fun during the photo shoot 

while getting the best shots possible.  

We review the shots and looks 

together as we take them.

If that hair, makeup, or outfit isn't working 

10 shots in we stop and change things.  

Misti says, "I've had several actors/models book jobs right off their headshots and extra looks, jobs that paid over $1000 a day for big brand clients for print and commercials. My shots look professional and look like you, I don't over edits them. I have wigs, outfits, and lots of props so even the men have fun doing character shots with me. I love working with the kids over the years as well since I  see so many of them grow up, that part is very special and I feel very blessed.

Be the reason someone smiles today!!!!   

Is Misti's motto💕

You will relax after just 10 minutes with me! 

We will laugh and have fun along the way.

We are not rushed and I treat everyone with kindness. 

Building up your self confidence during our shoot is key to success.

Finding your next "look" together is team work.

Exploring what outfits, colors or characters that fit you 

is part of the service I provide unlike most. 

(Misti has lots of wardrobe options)

These are some of the shots Misti has taken. Headshots for the entertainment industry are very important and making sure you have them taken every 2 yrs max is also required to be considered professional and current.  Misti also takes business headshots for those outside the industry. 

This video is a good example of how important it is to change up your looks if you especially want to get print work. Even actors can use their character shots for TV/Film auditions and marketing.  

Come on folks you have to show some range. 

Rates/Packages that are available 

*Edit times do vary. Normally within 2 weeks from when you get Misti the numbers. 

*It can take longer if holidays or vacation time was already on the calendar so if you are concerned or need them back fast ask about timeline. 

Compare prices from LA to AZ! 

Always know exactly what you are getting for what you are paying for. 

Especially if you get any raw images full size and how much per edit. 

FYI this is the sales price from an LA photography studio. You save so much money taking shots in AZ and especially with Misti since she offers way more for less. You pay half as much if you use her discounts. 

Misti has tried over the years to find ways for actors to save money so they can invest more into training since that is the key to success. 

(Tons of free information)

Personalized Photoshoots

Do you need graduation or pet photos?

Misti does holiday, back to school, 

sports, dance, cheerleading, hobbies

proposal's, anniversary and more.

Rates are based on location and time. 

Packages as low as 

$150.00 (after discount)

if taken at her location in Tempe.

Let's work together soon!   

You deserve to have great shots.

If you have had some hard times explain and she will try to help give you more shots for less or work with you on pricing. The reason Misti started to take shots is because she is very compassionate to those around her and understands now at 43 yrs old how hard life can be some months or even years.  Showing an act of kindness that can brighten someones day and really help turn things around for them is why she got into photography. If money is tight and you are a veteran, teacher, police officer or single mom that needs a discount let her know. 

Thankfully other talent do pay full price so showing any benevolence towards those that deserve it warms her heart.  Misti has helped several talent  in many ways with her photography rates, payments or the amount of looks she has donated her time to take/edit. 

You leave feeling good plus have some great shots! 

Contact Misti at 480-529-9931 or email is best or text her. Give her your avail for 1 week later. 

Talent are encouraged to ask industry questions during the session to get the most out of your time with Misti.

They say consistency is the key to any success and Misti started in front of the camera in 1987 when she was 7 yrs old and did that until she was 17yrs old as a child actress/model. In 1997 Misti stoped that and started working within a talent agency so for over 20 years picking out headshots had turned into a daily task when Misti started looking into taking shots. She'll say she had a learning curve for sure and was only charging $50.00 at first. Her policy remains the same if you are not liking them we stop the photo shoot and you don't pay. Learn more details about Misti on her other site.